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Angelic Makeup

I got the chance to do the makeup for a photoshoot for our graduating senior project for a few friends, then I was asked to do her makeup for her friend’s wedding!

For her lovely model, I was at work and they wanted a natural but glowing skin with a neutral eye but a bright coral lip. The collection was by Fortis, designer Angel Montoya, Textile Artist Jennifer Regalado and Merchandiser Cecilia Molina. The clothes were amazingly designed by Angel and gorgeously hand dyed by Jennifer with the photos edited by Cecilia.

The second set of photos were taken by Angel herself with a nice sultry eyes and a matte pink, brownie lip for a beautiful hot wedding day in DTLA.














Jade Howard

I recently did a full face custom makeover back in February at work and she just happens to be an amazing model, actress, reporter, host and the sweetest person. I was lucky to have her in my makeup chair getting all her doll’ed up for her headshots. Take a look at her website!




Makeup School Graduation!

I am now a certified makeup artist, tell your friends, your moms, your mom’s friends and your aunts and everyone! I have a feeling that I’m going to do more editorial and avant garde makeup hopefully. I finally got my kit and I stocked it with stuff, swatched and clean my room while I was at it. I was so excited to graduate that I couldn’t sleep because I was playing with all of my new makeup. Graduation day flew by so quick and I’m going to miss all of my friends from there, but I have a feeling we will be in touch whether it be helping each other out, assisting, taking other makeup classes or even Disneyland! So excited, now I have to get my business cards printed and send out all of my pro discounts application and just practice, practice and social network!

Here is my look for our graduation final fantasy look, it was inspired by my Avengers Loki Trenchcoat I made at school and went with the whole superhero or even supervillain theme so my beautiful model Abbie rocked it! She looked more like a rockstar, but her superhero name will forever be Capt’n BitchSlap and here is what she looked like.

Hair was provided by the amazing Aida Hernandez, check her out on Instagram: AidaHernandez_21

She’s amazing! Thank you Aida!

And if you like the trenchcoat, follow me the designer! Instagram: ktruongdotcom

And my lovely kickass model of course, you can follow her on Instagram: ahmartist

kt1 (2)

kt1 (6)

kt1 (7)

Some behind the scenes pictures during the photoshoot

kt1 (22)

kt1 (13)

The final look!

kt1 (23)

The other lovely models

kt1 (26)

And of course the makeup artists!

kt1 (29)

And a bonus! I did a look using the new Marc Jacobs makeup line at work and it’s up on our Sephora bulletin board!


Halloween and Disneyland!


Oh you know, I was just saving the world on Halloween as one of the Incredibles; it went well with my work uniform. I had an 8am class that morning so right before work I just slapped on a black mask with gel liner and made a paper Incredibles chest piece.


At work with the other Sephorians.

d (1)

Prancing around with Jack Skellington! He is the peppiest character I’ve seen.

d (5)

d (8)

August 12th, 2013 Monday

Work, school, work, school and BILLS BILLS BILLS! I feel like my whole paycheck goes to makeup school and its an endless cycle because I start my actual school next month and there goes more money to spend, however, I’m loving makeup school, the friends, the teachers, the environment. Here are a few pictures from class.

Practicing a classic smoky eye on my friend Kayla

Blocking out eyebrows and practicing 1920′s makeup on Michelle


Doing the classic Pin-Up makeup on Lily



Practicing my bridal makeup skills on Melanie



Then getting ready for editorial makeup on myself, I still need some work




Then finally I worked on 2 custom makeovers at work this past few weeks, a Sweet Sixteen for Jocelyn and a lovely



June 28th, 2013 Friday: CSULA Amalgamation Fashion Show 2013 and April Love Pro Academy

So finals week for seniors of the fashion department was preparing the whole quarter for their fashion show where the designers create amazing full garments and the merchandisers help prep the photoshoots, the looks, the whole business side of fashion and at the very end, the most nervous wrecking moment ever of their last day of their school career before the students venture off into the world on their own. My friend of Elo Disi, designer Christin Disi, asked me to do the makeup for her collection last minute but I’m glad she did since her collection was so colorful we needed colorful makeup to match!

The makeup was very last minute so it was just a quick colored winged eyeliner and avant garde lip. The show was so moving since I will be in their shoes next year as a graduating senior.

Also, there are a few pictures of my work practiced at April Love Pro Academy.












May 15th, 2013 Wednesday Sephora CMA!

I just recently passed my CMA (Customized Makeup Application) Test with Sephora! (Meaning that I am certified to be customizing makeup application for events) I am so excited and ready for my first CMA client and special thank you to my big sister at Sephora NaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnncccccccceeEEEEEEE! Thank you Nancy for being my beautiful model and helping me pass!

And another thanks to Jessica for sending me a picture of her makeup I did for her on her prom night!

And to my baby for a very special surprise! Shopping and Ironman marathon!




April 21st, 2013 Sunday Prom Session #2 at JCP Glendale Galleria!

So JCP decided to host another prom fashion show and sponsored by JCP designers, JCP Salon and Sephora inside JCP at Glendale Galleria and I was glad to see a familiar face amongst the models. So here are a few pictures of my amazing models strutting the runway in gorgeous gowns under $100 each at JCP and hair provided by our amazing JCP Salon. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers for our show and the everyone involved!

Our first model, lovely flowergirl, is Callie and she just wanted some natural pinky blush and a Bella Bamba lipgloss from Benefit.


Our next model is her sister Cheyanne and I used the LORAC Pro Palette and eyeshadow primer on her with Too Faced Chocolate Soliel Bronzer and NARS Tao blush with their new satin lip pencils.


I’m so glad to see Karina back! I’m using the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and eyeshadow primer on her along with NARS Sheer Glow foundation and Smashbox gel liner in deep black.


And on our gorgeous Alexis, again I’m using the LORAC Pro Palette along with Tarte’s Lights, Cameras, Lashes mascara.


Lastly is the beautiful Sam with the LORAC Pro Palette along with mauvy, pink Makeup Forever Rouge Artist lipstick.



April 6th, 2013 Saturday PROM SESSION @ JCP Glendale!

So my beauty leader got me to do all the makeup for our little Prom Fashion Show that was held by JcPenney in Glendale Galleria and it was awesome! Thank you to the gorgeous high school volunteers who worked that runway, hair, dress and makeup!!! The makeup was provided by Sephora, lovely dresses by JCP and hair by Jcp Salon team of Glendale Galleria!

So please call/text/email me if you have a prom event or any special events coming up and would like to get glam’d up for please feel free to give me a call/text/email or check the link below.


Here are my lovely models for the day and I hope they have an amazing prom!








March 9th, 2013 Saturday

With this rainy, gloomy weather, it’s time to bring back the vampy makeup of winter! It’s been so long since I posted a blog on this website due to technical difficulties but its finally back! More photoshoots and makeup looks and random blogs to come!




Primer- Tarte BB Primer in Light, I got a sample from work
-this is my new favorite primer, it’s a primer, SPF, BB cream all in one with a matte finish!
Foundation- CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous liquid foundation in 845 warm beige
-I am still trying this foundation out since most youtubers have been raving about it with its full matte covergae, long lasting power, SPF and primer built                                  in along with the option of using it as a concealer as well
Concealer- Benefit Fake Up conditioning stick concealer in Medium
-newest concealer from Benefit and I got it in my gratis from work and hands down it’s definitely the best concealer because it’s doesn’t cake and it doesn’t show                       flaky skin peek through because of the conditoning Vitamin E and appleseed oil makes it so blendable and hydrating that you can wear it as a coverup alone
Powder- Bare Minerals Pressed Foundation Powder in Medium Beige
Bronzer- NARS Laguna
Blush- Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
Highlighter- NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm
Setting Spray- Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray


Primer- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyebrows- MAKEUP FOREVER Aqua Brow in #25
-my new favorite eyebrow product because it’s pigmented and waterproof and works great with my oily/combo skin type so my brows are awesome all day
Eyeshadows- Makeup Geek single shadow in Homecoming
NYX Single Matte Shadow in Skinny Dipping
Inglot single matte shadow (hot pink, I don’t know the number)
Mascara- Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

Lipliner- Sephora pencil lipliner in #09 Pleasant Plum
Lipstick- Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Crush